Cultural Trips

Cultural trips with Tertulia Language

Our English courses are designed to give the student the opportunity to learn the English language while having fun, in such a way as to be involved not only in a set of lessons in the classroom and outdoors, but also in trips and excursions.

Portsmouth is situated in a strategic geographic position to visit easily places of historical and cultural interest.

During your stay, as a part of your experience, visiting other cities will give you a better understanding of the British life: also, you will have the possibility to visit museums, galleries and attractions.


London Tertulia Language


One of the world's most important global cities where you can find four World Heritage Sites.

Winchester Tertulia Language


First and former capital of England, remains the most important city until the Norman conquest.


With his stunning medieval castle built by the Normans and a Roman Catholic cathedral. 

Arundel Tertulia Language


The UK's hippest city! A vibrant, colourful and creative city on the south coast of England.

Brighton Tertulia Language
Salisbury Tertulia Language

Salisbury & Stonehenge

A cathedral city where you can find the best-preserved of the four surviving copies of Magna Carta.

Chichester Tertulia Language

Chichester & Downland Museum

A museum where you can see, touch and even smell what life was really like for people living in years gone by.